Le Cloître de l’art

Le Cloître de l’art in a few words

Le Cloître de Art is a singular gallery and a tailor-made art consulting and decoration agency. A timeless breath where antique art combine with modernity, bringing an aura of beauty to your home.

We listen & share

We take our time to accompany you with care, understanding the singularity of your personality.

Transmission & coaching

We teach you how to identify and assert your artistic sensibility.

Spirituality & Beauty

We believe that beauty uplifts and promotes private and collective well-being.


Discover yourself

The works of art, with their evocative power, bring out emotions that can make our boundaries burst open and propel us to unexpected heights.

Our services
in a few words

We analyze the art market to find the most beautiful works available at the moment. We put your acquisitions together with your collection and fit them into your home. We advise and guide you in complete transparency with a knowledge transmission approach.

Personal Art Shopper

We suggest a selection of quality works of art which we’ll integrate into your interior. We deliver professional and aesthetic advice to make your home unique, dreamlike, in a word extraordinary.


art advisory

We help you define your goals, your wishes and your taste so as to guide your acquisition strategy and build up a tailor-made art collection according to the current state of the art market.

Get to know more about art

We arrange individual museum visits or private sessions in-person or remotely to strengthen your knowledge about the art market and art history.

“Beauty is the only promise of happiness.”

Stendhal, De l’Amour.

10 Reasons to turn to
Le Cloître de l’art

Join a community of passionate art lovers

Take an active part in the building of your own collection

Purchase the most beautiful pieces on the art market

Surround yourself with beauty for your everyday life

Add beauty to your environment

Lift yourself up culturally and spiritually

Get to know yourself better through art

Broaden your cultural perspectives

Expand your tangible and intangible assets

Enriching its tangible and intangible heritage


It’s time to act!

Let’s talk about art together.

Become the art collector you’ve always dreamed of being.


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