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Because in everyone lies the need for art, we analyze the art market and find for you the most beautiful works of the moment. We integrate your acquisitions into your collection and your living space, advising you in all transparency, in a process of transmission and training.


Tailor-made coaching for art lover

 In addition to our evaluation, we arrange private visits to exhibitions & museum collections according to your availability and interest in order to broaden and deepen your knowledge and general culture in art history.

We help you materialize your wishes in order to build a coherent collection of unique and authentic works that reflect your image. Just like a personal shopper, we suggest products and we help you in the prospection and the acquisition of works as well as in the constitution of files.

We provide you with our knowledge and our time in order to sharpen and develop your artistic sensibility.



Have you ever dreamt of starting an art collection, not knowing which field, period, styles and artists you should focus on? We help you define your goals in order to guide your acquisition strategy.

We adapt our acquisition advice as closely as possible to your personality and your needs.  After analyzing your needs and determining your tastes and desires, we start your collection together according to them and we seek for you the most beautiful pieces of the European art market, as close as possible to the current events, very discreetly.

 In keeping with this offer, we take care of the enrichment of your collection thanks to a large professional and international network: dealers, trade fairs, auction houses, private individual sellers. We assist you in writing a customer file and help you with deal alerts.

We also take care of the administrative aspect of your acquisitions, as well as the transport and moving of the works so that they are safe and secure




Because it is not enough to acquire a beautiful piece, rare and full of emotion, it is also necessary to be able to fit it into its everyday world, to protect and enhance it and to fully appreciate its aesthetic qualities.

Would you like to furnish and enrich your home so you can live surrounded by works or pieces of art filled with soul and history? We value and incorporate each piece of work into your interiors & offer you professional and aesthetic advice to create a unique and dreamlike atmosphere.

We offer you suggestions and advice for unique frames or customized displays for each of your pieces of art.

Are you careful about the enhancement and preservation of your art objects? We guide you throughout the conservation & arrangement “in situ” of each of your works of art.


You own or have an interest in a work of art and would like to know more about it? We attribute, connect, relate, and contextualize a work as close as possible to its historical context of creation. We carry out scientific and museum research on an international scale.

You wish to know the condition of a piece of art and estimate its potential value after restoration?  We work together with the best craftsmen, experts and restorers in the world of art to certify and assess its condition. We make a diagnosis, provide advice and perform its restoration or preservation.

You wish to know the value of a piece of art for personal use or resale? We certify and estimate the value of your works both artistically and financially. We determine the origin, rarity and dating in order to determine its commercial, aesthetic and scientific characteristics. We direct you towards the best sales channels according to the characteristics of each object.


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